Art Kumbalek, circa 1992

Destination: Downtown is an informative audio walking tour of Milwaukee, led by tour guide Art Kumbalek. Produced and directed by Dave O'Meara, Destination: Downtown was originally released on cassette, complete with tour map and Official Focking Tourist ID card, in 1992.

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Tour Guide: Art Kumbalek
Announcer: Dave Maleckar
Additional Voices: Siobhan Dockery, Margaret Rogers, Jean Castore, Monica O'Meara
Producer and Director: Dave O'Meara

Recorded at various locations around Milwaukee and at the C-Club of Hotel Wisconsin.
Engineered and mixed by John Dereszynski.
Additional recording and Mastering by Todd Scott at Pearl Studios, Milwaukee.
Art Kumbalek's informative monologues were based on material from his column in the Shepherd Express. © 1992, Art Kumbalek. The bridging narration was written by Dave O'Meara.
Cover lettering and map design for original packaging by Kevin Callahan.
Special thanks to Neal Raasch, John Gleeson, Mary Gleeson Kruser, Bob and Peg O'Meara, Pride of Milwaukee.

An OT!OM! Production.

© ℗ 1992, O Tempora! O Mores! Productions

2 thoughts on “Art Kumbalek, Destination: Downtown

  1. This is now a tour through a semi-vanished Milwaukee. The National Liquor Bar is gone, as is the Recycling Center, the Stockyards, and the old 6th Street Viaduct (the new one connects to the valley, rather than soaring above it). The County Jail is anything but new, Potowatomi Bingo long ago became a major casino, the Performing Arts Center is now the Marcus Center (and it’s no longer “clad in milky white stone”), and the Milwaukee Public Museum has had several facelifts. But there are still Polish Flats all over town, Gesu church still anchors the Marquette campus, and National Avenue is still dodgy and wonderful. And somewhat surprisingly, there’s still a George Webb restaurant on Old World Third Street.

  2. Congratulations to Dave for putting this package together!
    I was lucky to experience Art on an Iroquois boat tour as won on WMSE during Blues Friday over 25 years ago.
    Of course I bought the cassette back then, but haven’t located it in at least ten. That makes this experience valuable.
    Now that I have spent five years in beer heaven (Bavaria) and wine paradise (Palatinate) I occasionally look into my Milwaukee past and know that I must have died.
    Let me know who has time when I make it to Milwaukee November 6-24th. I’ll buy the first three. teacher Joe


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