Art Kumbalek, circa 1992

Sermon of the Mouth is an audio version of some of Dan Hanrahan's most energetic performance poetry pieces from the early 1990's. Working with director and producer Dave O'Meara, Dan collected some of his best pieces into a one-man show, called Sermon of the Mouth, which helped inaugurate the Late Night Series at Milwaukee's Theatre X. The audio version was released by OT!OM! in 1994.

After more than a decade in Chicago, Dan Hanrahan is currently living and working in Baltimore. For what he's up to recently, try here or here or here.

All selections written and performed by Dan Hanrahan, except for The Blood of Rock 'n Roll, performance poem by Dan Hanrahan, based on a letter-to-the-editor from G.G. Allin to Sound Choice Magazine, and Sermon of the Mouth, by Dan Hanrahan and Marcos Frommer.

Factory Lands, Jeff at Wendy's, $50,000, and Floating Boats were recorded by Kelly Meyer at Walls Have Ears, Milwaukee. Sermon of the Mouth was recorded by Jason Rodon at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Wounds of Time was recorded on location by Dave O'Meara. Lips of Sinking Gods and The Blood of Rock 'n Roll were recorded live at Late Night Theatre X by Kirk McFarlin.