5x5 mix in Adobe Audition

In the distant early days of podcasting (that is, 2005) I took advantage of the new medium's complete lack of rules by making up my own. My new rules were very finicky and slightly absurd.

  • Record myself talking for exactly five minutes. (To the thousandth of a second!)
  • Leave the mistakes in.
  • Mix it, according to a predefined structure, with four previous episodes.
  • Repeat.

These rules, along with my mixing structure, guaranteed that everything I said would eventually come to the foreground of the mix, although I could never predict the context.

I continued making new episodes until 2008. Actually, I made a few after that, but they weren't any good. Here are the first 58 episodes of the original podcast, now sorted first-to-last. Good speakers or headphones are recommended.