David Brendan O'Meara is a writer, director, performer, and web developer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His current works-in-progress are My Way to Canossa a blog of an impossible journey, The Death of the Humunculus, a remix of his experimental podcast, Five by Five, and Daily Borges.

Dave's production company, O Tempora! O Mores! Productions has been developing, producing, and occasionally marketing innovative spoken word performances, both in live performance in various recorded media, since 1992.

Dave also created Five by Five, an experimental multithreaded audio podcast.

From 1999 to 2002, Dave was Artistic Director of Hotel Milwaukee, a weekly one-hour comedy-variety radio show on the Ideas Network of Wisconsin Public Radio. Under Dave's direction, the show won a Golden Reel Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, and was selected to be aired nationally on the A&E Channel of Sirius Satellite Radio.

In addition to writing and performing the trio of "plays for one actor" which compose A Metaphysician in the Dark, (published by OT!OM! and Lulu Press) Dave has also toured the Midwest (mainly bars and Irish festivals) with Moon & Cloud, a pair of "plays for one actor" which he adapted and performed from short stories by James Joyce and Joseph Gahagan.

Dave currently works as Webmaster at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, where he is an ardent proponent of the open-source movement.